Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Dynamic Painting - A New 21st Century Art Form

It is quite rare that genuine innovation happens. The concept of Dynamic Painting is one such innovation. Dynamic Painting is computer generated artform using the system to automatically generates unique images after giving it a style and form. San Base, the creator of this artform says

"It is not a secret that many artists, who have found a successful style and form, have exploited it for many years by painting similar pictures without much creativity. A Dynamic Painting can do the same thing at much higher speed - generating many paintings per minute instead of 2-3 paintings per week that most conventional artists can paint. The real challenge is coming up with an original idea for a Dynamic Painting as well as producing it. After that, a computer can mechanically generate variations. With the advent of Dynamic Paintings, the computer, as a tool, frees up the artist's time to do what an artist does the best - create and innovate."

Here are some videos of Dyanmic Painting

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