Monday, August 27, 2007

Thriving HD based Digital Film Making Community in Chennai

I was thrilled to come across a thriving community which is involved in making HD based Digital Film Making in Chennai. This community called HD/HDV Film making is mostly DIY (Do It Yourself) community and the community members are in various stages of releasing feature films using HD technology. Interestingly, the pioneers in the group are not the established film community, which is more or less pessimistic about HD.

The community organizer is Mr. Suresh Menon, who has a established Post Production facility in Chennai. The good thing about Suresh Menon is that he is providing a complete workflow tools and techniques for HD Film Making, right from Shooting to final Reverse Telecine to get the Film rolls.

I have known Mr. Suresh Menon while in Coimbatore. I would be meeting him this week and will give a detailed account of the processes soon.

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