Friday, May 11, 2007

Bicycle Thief

I had the opportunity to see Bicyle Thief.

It has such tremendous impact on tamil films. Several of the films' sequences have been incorporated in tamil films. Here are some of the sequences I remember :

a. DevarMagan : The Hero identifiies and chases the thief in narrow alley as the guilty thief's body language helps to recognize him.. This sequence was in Devarmagan where Kamal chases the guy who has broken the pond (kamai)..

b. Roja : In Bicycle thief, the Hero quarrels with his son and leaves him alone.. but a little later, he finds a boy had fallen into a lake and people rescuing him. the Hero gets scared and anxious.. but soon finds that it is someother boy.. this scene is repeated in many maniratnam movies.. in Roja for example, heroine is asked to identify a dead body.. She gets anxious and then relieved to find it is somebody else's body..

The film also depicts what poverty can do it ordinary people .. The climax was brilliant.

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